Unravel – Laura Welsh

America has always had a curious fancy for strong female vocalists with unrequited love stories to tell. Dating back to oldies like Aretha Franklin, this trend has continued through to the contemporary era, including the likes of Adele, Jessie Ware and others. Now joining the ranks in her impending stardom is Laura Welsh, a British pop-star-to-be.

Her newly released gem, “Unravel”, is an anthemic plea to a lover from whose grip she is slowly slipping away. Between impeccably sweet vocals and unassuming piano chords, this smooth track will take shares Welsh’s final and tragic resistance to this imminent breakup.

Take what you want from me 

And I’ll give you all my love, 

I’ll give you everything 

Just take what I don’t need.

Even in these lines above, it’s clear from this desperate measure of offering “everything” besides for what “I don’t need” that the necessary sort of equilibrium of compromises remained far out of reach, leading to an unraveling of what once held much promise and potential. As the song wraps up, there is the sort of tingling as the distanced guitars fade into inaudibility, evoking the notion that the story is not yet over and the journey continues to move forward, almost indifferent to her success or failure. In Welsh’s case, however, this song may serve as a forewarning for a fierce up-and-comer who can bounce back from failure or shortcomings with the resilience of an impassioned lover, and who won’t back down until her dreams become a reality.