“Coffee” – Sylvan Esso


Hope you’re all enjoying your Monday morning cup of coffee. Ready for one more cup? First let me make a quick introduction…

Reader meet Sylvan Esso, Sylvan Esso meet reader. Now that you two have been introduced I reckon you’ll take this relationship to the next level. Comprised of Amealia Meath of Mountain Man and Nick Sanborn Megafaun, the band is taking the alternative music scene with force. “Coffee” is the latest single from the duo, and the infectious track plans to spread like wildfire. Hopefully this will help you enjoy your morning brew.



“A Fax From the Beach” – Classixx


The only way that one can enter a party embarrassingly late and still have a good time is if that party is unstoppably and timelessly great. That’s what Hanging Gardens by Classixx was to me: an album that doesn’t even feel like it came out over a year ago, but a world of pure melodic noise that existed before me and will exist after me. Its indelible tracks leave you wanting more every time, allowing you to get lost until the very last moment when the song kindly beseeches for you to hit the replay button once more.

A hidden gem on the album, “A Fax From The Beach” strikes a cord in me with its smooth, James Blake-esq electronic rhythm underneath beautifully lost and fleeting vocals. The title of the track also speaks to where I am at this point in my life.  Allow me to explain.

The sun flirtatiously stares at The City – starkly contrasting this past year’s bitter winter might I add – and I work from the clichéd 9-5, lucky to catch a few minutes outside before that burden we call a routine brings me back inside. At a time when texts, emails and meetings run our lives, let’s allow this track to transport us to the place at which we most urgently want to be: where the sand is soft between our feet and we are reveling in the sweetness that life has to offer.