Compilation Album Of Unheard Jeff Buckley Tracks To Be Released This Friday

March 11th is a very special day for many people around the world. Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings are releasing a posthumous Jeff Buckley album titled You and I containing previously unheard tracks. This is the third compilation released since Buckley’s tragic death in 1997, most notably being Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk, which was in production when Buckley died. It was released the next year as it was left and still received rave reviews.

You and I features 10 tracks recorded by Buckley when he first signed with Columbia records in 1993. The compilation album is mostly made up of cover songs. Buckley covers Bob Dylan, The Smiths, Led Zeppelin, Sly and the Family Stone, and blues guitarist Bukka White, to name a few.Buckley-large

Covers aside, what makes these this album even more special is that it features the very first studio recording of Buckley’s famous title track “Grace” and an original song that hasn’t been heard before titled “Dream of You and I,” which would later transform into “You and I” on Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk. What these tracks give us is somewhat of a “prequel” to Buckley’s flourishing artistry. We get to see more of who this ‘mystery white boy’ was and continues to be as he lives in our ears and minds.

Since November 2015 the labels released three singles, “Everyday People,” a cover of Sly and the Family Stone, “Just Like a Woman,” a cover of Bob Dylan, and “I Know It’s Over,” a cover of The Smiths.

When I first listened to “Everyday People” I was looking through the comments under the audio and one line stood out. One person wrote, “For about four and a half minutes, it feels like he’s alive again.” That was only the beginning of Jeff Buckley’s magical talent.

To prepare for the release of You and I this Friday, have a listen to Buckley’s chilling, soulful, stripped down version of “Everyday People” below.

New Album Alert! Ra Ra Riot’s “Need Your Light”

ShervinLainezSix days ago, after three years of waiting and anticipation, Ra Ra Riot has graced us with their latest LP Need Your Light. This is the band’s fourth studio album and first since their release of Beta Love in 2013. Ra Ra Riot collaborated with Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij, who produced the album. Together, they created a densely layered electronic pop sound with intricate harmonies placed throughout the LP. The expectations for this album grew with excitement from the moment the band released the album’s first single, “Water.” The song features a strong rhythm layered with heavy synth and falsetto harmonies that lead you to an uplifting chorus.

Check out the music video and have a listen to “Water” below. Enjoy!

ICYMI – Glen Hansard’s “Didn’t He Ramble”


Let me first start by saying that Glen Hansard is one of my favorite musicians. The Dubliner who brought us the Oscar winning and Grammy nominated motion picture Once, continues his odyssey of a career with his latest album, Didn’t He Ramble, which was released on September 18th and in now nominated for “best folk album” at this years Grammy’s. This is Hansard’s second solo album, his first since he debuted as a solo act with Rhyme and Response in 2012, but is just the next chapter of his brilliant 25 year musical career.

Featuring on Didn’t He Ramble is the song “Her Mercy.” It is a beautiful song whose lyrics and 440739instrumentation are direct parallels as it progresses. Hansard begins the song sounding somewhat defeated and desperate for a shimmer of hope. The music is slow yet steady and as the sections go on, hope grows as a horn section and a backing choir joins Hansard’s raspy scream of the “mercy” that he was once unsure of receiving. The song ends with the same sound that it began with, but this time around, because of the song’s journey, Hansard sounds relieved. He sounds accomplished, that he is finally deserving of “Her Mercy.”

Have a listen to the song below!

2016’s First Breakout: Danrell x Småland


Steve Jobs famously said, “Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal.” 2015 took those words to heart.

As soon as an original idea was publicized (think Frank Ocean and the R&B movement), countless iterations from the same foundation came to light (think D’Angelo’s comeback, Miguel’s resurgence and The Weeknd’s apparent world domination). If this Danrell x Småland collaboration is a sign of things to come in 2016, we’ll be in for a beautiful ride.

Danrell recently reworked Småland’s 2015 track “Hostage”, and they officially have our attention. The contagiously upbeat production is relatable to nearly anybody who’s in a not-so-special relationship. Take a listen for yourself.

“And I can’t break free,
From your hold on me/
Throw away that key,
This love don’t wanna let me leave/
And I am a Hostage”