Monday Playlist: Happy

Happy Passover. Happy Easter. Happy Spring. Happy Everything.


Happiness seems to be in the air (thanks, Pharrell!), and we’ve got just the right playlist to make this happiness last at least 5 songs longer.

“Without You” – Spooky Black

He’s a a white teenager from Minnesota that wears a du-rag, turtleneck and gold chain, all while going by the name of Spooky Black. You’re interested, I can tell, and you should be.

With a voice like a Miguel/Keith Sweat love child, Spooky Black is causing waves on the internet with his mind-blowingly amazing voice and even better music video, for his song “Without You” (well depending on who you talk to that is).

Take a look for yourself. Produced by Greaf.

Friday Playlist No. 10: “Shakey Graves”


Take a moment this weekend and listen to Alejandro Rose-Garcia aka Shakey Graves. Hailing from Austin, he has been pumping out incredible music for the last couple years. Year in and year out, he’s one of the best acts at SXSW. But here’s the catch: his stuff is not on iTunes or Spotify.

I guess you could say he dances to the beat of his own drum.  Or kickdrum, which is built into his suitcase.

“You’re Too Weird” – Fruit Bats

fruit bats

Fruit Bats is a Chicago band that has been making music since 1997.  Over the past sixteen years, members of the band have come and gone, but lead singer/songwriter Eric Johnson has been the constant.  Late last year,  Johnson announced the end of Fruit Bats and played their final show to a small crowd in Portland.

When Fruit Bats began making music, I was six years old.  When they stopped, I still didn’t know they had started.

It’s an odd feeling discovering a great band and then realizing that you have missed the boat.  I have a strange desire to spread their name despite the end of their project.  I want to spark a match that has already burned out.

But just because their music will cease to evolve, doesn’t mean it should be overlooked.  After all, “new” music is relative to the listener.  So am I about to label a 16 year old retired band “Up & Coming”? You bet I am.

Here’s my favorite Fruit Bats track called “You’re Too Weird”.   I hope you enjoy it.