ICYMI – Glen Hansard’s “Didn’t He Ramble”


Let me first start by saying that Glen Hansard is one of my favorite musicians. The Dubliner who brought us the Oscar winning and Grammy nominated motion picture Once, continues his odyssey of a career with his latest album, Didn’t He Ramble, which was released on September 18th and in now nominated for “best folk album” at this years Grammy’s. This is Hansard’s second solo album, his first since he debuted as a solo act with Rhyme and Response in 2012, but is just the next chapter of his brilliant 25 year musical career.

Featuring on Didn’t He Ramble is the song “Her Mercy.” It is a beautiful song whose lyrics and 440739instrumentation are direct parallels as it progresses. Hansard begins the song sounding somewhat defeated and desperate for a shimmer of hope. The music is slow yet steady and as the sections go on, hope grows as a horn section and a backing choir joins Hansard’s raspy scream of the “mercy” that he was once unsure of receiving. The song ends with the same sound that it began with, but this time around, because of the song’s journey, Hansard sounds relieved. He sounds accomplished, that he is finally deserving of “Her Mercy.”

Have a listen to the song below!

2016’s First Breakout: Danrell x Småland


Steve Jobs famously said, “Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal.” 2015 took those words to heart.

As soon as an original idea was publicized (think Frank Ocean and the R&B movement), countless iterations from the same foundation came to light (think D’Angelo’s comeback, Miguel’s resurgence and The Weeknd’s apparent world domination). If this Danrell x Småland collaboration is a sign of things to come in 2016, we’ll be in for a beautiful ride.

Danrell recently reworked Småland’s 2015 track “Hostage”, and they officially have our attention. The contagiously upbeat production is relatable to nearly anybody who’s in a not-so-special relationship. Take a listen for yourself.

“And I can’t break free,
From your hold on me/
Throw away that key,
This love don’t wanna let me leave/
And I am a Hostage”

Atlas Genius Covers The Weeknd’s “The Hills”

imagesCover alert! Here’s something for you all to take into the weeknd (sorry). Atlas Genius, the band who brought us hits like “Trojans” and “If So,” recently released their version of The Weeknd’s “The Hills.” The Australian brothers, Keith and Michael Jeffery, add their alternative, funky, synth radiating sound to the chart-topping hit, while still capturing The Weeknd’s original sultry honesty.

Listen to the cover below!

HBO’s “The Leftovers” has the Best Music on TV. Here’s a Playlist for Proof.

If you’ve seen HBO’s The Leftovers, now in its second season (Sundays @ 9pm EST), you’ve felt the goosebumps that come along every episode when the perfect song plays over a scene.

It’s in these moments that you wonder who is the person picking these songs and, subsequently, how you can quickly change careers and pick songs for TV shows.


Many critics are in agreement that The Leftovers has the best music on TV right now, led by a chillingly beautiful and precarious score by Max Richter and a newly installed opening credit song in Iris Dement’s “The The Mystery Be” from her 1992 album Infamous Angel (listen in the Playlist below).

If you haven’t experienced this show (“experience” the key word here), The Leftovers is a series from Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights), Damon Lindelof (LOST), as well as The Leftover’s author Tom Perotta and Sarah Aubrey. The series also stars Justin Theroux, leading us through a rapture-esque event, where 2% of the world’s population mysteriously disappears. Those who are left (“the leftovers”) must cope and come to grips with what has happened.

The show is dark, depressing, bizarre, and sometimes downright disturbing, which often heightens the accompanying music, which is sometimes intentionally juxtaposing the overall tone (i.e. DeMent’s song in the opening credits has a cheerful, rhythmic strumming pattern, all in major keys, that stands in stark contrast to the often dreary opening scenes).

Whether you become a fan of the show or not, the music alone makes it worth a watch. We created the playlist below with our favorite, most memorable songs from the show, which we will update as the show moves forward. We hope you hope along for the ride.