Thursday Playlist: Stress Buster

I’ve had a pretty stressful few weeks. I can’t pinpoint what’s been stressing me out, but a cloud of uneasiness has been raining on my parade for a while now. Today, however, something changed. I felt great. After weeks of throwing myself pity parties and sulking in my restlessness, I decided to face this anxiety head-on.  I didn’t beat these issues – I acknowledged them and am trying my best to work with and conquer them. It will be a process, but today was a step in the right direction. This is the playlist that broke my stress; I call her, “Stress Buster.”

This Is the Best Freestyle You Will Ever See

I’m not a big hip-hop fan but I absolutely love this video.  Just really entertaining from start to finish. You think he’s going to stop and he just keeps on going. Is part of this pre-written? Probably. But Sway throws out random phrases that he throws into his freestyle with ease.

There’s also something about the 5:30 mark that is laugh out loud funny.

The artist’s name is Mistah Fab from Oakland, California. His name comes from the acronym “Money Is Something to Always Have — FaEva Afta Bread”- an acronym that is so absurd you almost have to respect it. Definitely the best freestyle I’ve seen to date.