“Around Town” – The Kooks

The Kooks

Everyone has their own musical journey. For some, their eyes were only opened to “good” music the first time they listened to The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. For some, that experience has yet to arrive. One of the first songs that ever blew me away was “Naive” by The Kooks, an alternative British band. I immersed myself in their work for years, never getting sick of their catchy hooks. In a week, The Kooks plan to release their fourth studio album “Listen.” I am so excited to delve deep into the tracks and let the music inspire me. From the sound of it, the album is set to be an incredible one.

“With this record we didn’t do any rehearsing beforehand. I’d write a song with Inflo or on my own, put it up and we’d all play over it. There was a real freedom to the process,” said lead singer Luke Pritchard. “To me this album is about pure expression…Rather than us just being a band in a room, playing our guitars with the vocal over the top, which is what we’d always done before, we were really listening to what was going on around us, picking up ideas.” Sounds like a plan to me. So far, their latest work has not been a disappointment. The first single of the album, “Around Town” is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year.

After writing this short post I’ve come to a realization – without The Kooks there is probably no Apple Seeds Music. For that, we are forever indebted to these talented British musicians. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



“It’s Just My Skin” – George Ezra


When you enter the real world there comes a moment when you realize it’s just you.  Not really loneliness, though. It’s more inundation. It’s more of a sudden and scary realization that the world will continue to carry on whether you choose to participate or not.

It’s just you. That’s all there is now.  No teachers.  No parents. Your friends aren’t there by your side. There are no more guard rails to bump up against if you veer off course.  However you want to live, you can live. It’s exciting. It’s terrifying.

The natural instinct is to hide- to retreat back into a shell. You crave the protection, the safety net, you once felt beneath you. And so you make one. Maybe the instinct is to stay in your bedroom and hide, veiling the outside world until you’re certain it’s safe to go out. Maybe you put on an invisible layer around you trying to shield the world from seeing who you really are.

Now the question becomes, as George Ezra asks, how well can you swim? Are you able to hold onto that boulder, the real world, filled with pain, sadness, happiness, stress, and confusion, and still stay afloat? Can you tilt your head up and reach out your neck just far enough to breathe, or will you let yourself get pulled under by the weight of it all?

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t “masquerade in a skin”  in order to stay afloat. That skin is heavier than you think and we are stronger than you know.

Shed the extra layers of disguise and just be you. That’s all there is now.

“Let’s Get Started” – Dylan Gardner

Dylan Gardner

Hi all. It’s great to be back. We can’t wait to counter the end of summer with an onslaught of great music. Once again – we’re back.

To me, the summer is all about great vibes. The season represents all that’s great about the world. “Let’s Get Started” by Dylan Gardner epitomizes all that a summer track is. The 17 year old’s lead single off the album “Adventures In Real Time”  is a smash hit, full of catchy beats and infectious hooks. The track is both hopelessly romantic and sheepishly optimistic. Listen to the track and let the good vibrations help the summer out with a bang.

“I’ll be John and you be Yoko,

Let’s sit back and watch our love grow/

I’ll be winter, you’ll be summer,

I couldn’t ask for just another.”