New Kurt Vile Album Out Today – b’lieve i’m goin down…

Today’s the day people! Kurt Vile latest works is being released today in the form of his sixth solo album titled b’lieve i’m goin down… This is Vile’s first album since his last, Walkin on a Pretty Daze, was released in 2013.154690

If you haven’t had a taste of b’lieve i’m goin down… before today’s release, listen to his single from the album titled “Pretty Pimpin” bellow. The song features a slow yet purposeful beat that underlays a chord progression that could go on forever.

The War on Drugs co-founder is going on tour with his backing band, The Violators, starting next week through March and is performing 17 shows in the U.S. and Canada (look for shows near you!) before heading to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, then back to the UK to play his last show in London.

Friday Playlist: Better Half

Let me start by saying I’m a complete sucker for female vocals.

While this isn’t a comprehensive “who’s who” of female vocalists – hell, Of Monsters and Men and Chvrches aren’t included – it’s a glimpse into the range of infectious tracks recently released by the opposite sex. With all of the (well deserved) chatter about male-centric acts like Tame Impala and Leon Bridges (Editor’s note: We’re going to both of those shows this month, so please do not take this as a knock on them), it’s refreshing to see female-led acts excelling more than ever. In the male dominated music industry, the 16 acts featured on our Better Half playlist underscore the adage that, once again, quality trumps quantity.

El Vy’s Highly Anticipated Debut

There’s a new dynamic duo to look out for. Baritone singer of The National, Matt Berninger, is teaming up with member of Menonena and founder of Ramona Falls, Brent Knopf. Together they make El Vy. Their debut album Return to the Moon comes out on October 30 and they released two singles; one of them being the title track and the other is titled “I’m the Man To Be.”

Your initial thought when hearing the two singles that these are the National’s songs because of Berninger’s iconic voice, but don’t let that fool you. The addition of Knopf’s production expertise meshes with Berninger’s smooth toned poetry to make this new alterative sound.El-Vy-Return-to-the-moon-new-560x560-1-560x560

The El Vy scheduled a tour for their debut album in North America and Europe starting November 2 and they are coming out in a bang. The duo is starting their tour states side, performing almost every day in November through the first half of December where they will be finishing up the tour in Europe.

While checking out their tour dates I wanted to see when they would be in the New York City area so I could get a couple of tickets, but I found that both shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn were both sold out. But, It didn’t stop there. Nine of their sixteen shows in North America are already sold out and so are six of their eleven shows in Europe (and that’s three months away!).

To say the least, Berninger and Knopf may have created something very special with El Vy. The only thing left to do is let the anticipation grow and grow.

Here’s El Vy’s first single and title track, “Return to the Moon.” Enjoy!

Here’s Why Beach House Sold Out Their Last NYC Show in 5 Seconds

In the time it took to read the title of this post, click the link, and wait for the page to load-those 5 seconds- that’s all it took for Beach House to sell out their surprise album release show in Brooklyn a few weeks ago.

Since their last masterpiece-of-an-album Bloom in 2012, Beach House had been relatively quiet. Some fans even believed that the project from Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally was over. The duo basically invented Dream Pop, released four highly-praised albums. What else did they have to prove? And then Depression Cherry, the 5th album from the group led by Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally.

Depression Cherry is a gift. It’s way beyond words. One must listen (on the highest volume) to really understand what this album is all about. The opening song “Levitation” perfectly encapsulates why people love Beach House. Legrand’s voice floats gently above that all-too-familiar piano motif and Scally’s synths, while singing “there’s a place I want to take you…”. Within the first 20 seconds of the album, we are returned to right where they left off- in a beautiful, timeless, perfect, dream.  Over the next 9 songs, we never leave. Not once.

So when the group announced at 9am that they’d be doing a surprise album release concert at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn that same night, there were thousands of people eager to be apart of it. Apple Seeds  Music exists for moments like these, and we were happy to be apart of it.















Here’s the setlist from the show:

Album Grade: A

Best songs: “Levitation” “Space Song” “Sparks”