Wilco’s newest album – Star Wars

Wilco is back with their 9th studio album, Star Wars (I wonder if they had any trouble using tat title…). This is Wilco’s first album since 2011 and luckily for all of us, the two-time Grammy winners self released the album as a free download only a couple weeks ago on July 16th. The band stated that they were fortunate to be able to do this for the fans. While the download is available, the CD release date is August 21st and the vinyl release date is November 27th.

Unknown-2The album starts off with a chaotic instrumental that sets the tone as it leads into Wilco’s natural distorted yet mellow rock sound with the song “More…” and it goes on throughout the album.

It’s safe to say the Jeff Tweedy and Co. are still going to be around for a while.

Here’s “Random Name Generator” from Wilco’s latest studio album, Star Wars. Enjoy!

Throwback of the Week – Chance the Rapper

This throwback goes all the way to last summer when Chance the Rapper, also know as a member in the band The Social Experiment, or SoX, or as Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment, played at Lollapalooza. He surprised the crowd with a new song called “Wonderful Everyday,” which is Chance’s creative cover of no other than the Arthur theme song. Its nostalgic, its soulful, its beautiful.

Here’s the studio version of “Wonderful Everyday” featuring vocals from Wyclef Jean.

If you should have anything stuck in your head over the weekend, let it be this song.

Jamie xx – In Colour

Jamie Smith, notably known as Jamie xx, has a gift for us. The producer, mixer, percussionist, and band member of The xx, who helped bring us huge hits like “Intro” (gets me pumped every time), “Sunset,” and “Islands” released his first solo album on May 29th titled In Colour.Unknown-1

Before the album’s release, the remix master first released two singles on the same day: “Loud Places” featuring Romy, and “Gosh.”

“Loud Places,” featuring Romy Madley Croft, another member of The xx, is a radio friendly indie-pop mix that keeps your head bopping. The smooth lyrics over the smoother instrumental rhythm keeps the listener in the moment, hoping the song goes on for longer than it’s 4 minute and 43 second play time.

“Gosh” is a faster paced mix with a thumping bass layered with a repeating “oh my gosh” through the first half of the song and then the song really transforms as uplifting, harmonious synths are introduced that make the beat even stronger and takes the listener through the end of the song.

Check out In Colour, the debut album of Jamie xx, available on Spotify, and have a listen to “Loud Places” and “Gosh” below!

Throwback Thursday – Portugal. The Man

Here’s a throwback for today. I was listening to spotify the other day and came across a song that I haven’t heard in a while and made me remember how awesome it is. The song is “People Say” by Portugal. The Man. The song is featured on the band’s fourth album, The Satanic Satanist, which was released in the summer of 2009. The song’s got new aged “Oasis” sound with the mixtures of guitar solos and chord progressions.

The band is currently touring America into September, playing their last four shows in Chicago.

Have a listen and reminisce with me!